Sicily: Oil Land

Sicilian main quality product is extra virgin olive oil, thanks to its degree of acidity, which must be lower than 0,80 (free acidity expressed as oleic acid) by law.
Olive oil is the only vegetal oil that after olive pressing may be consumed as you naturally find it, a fruit stemming from the “Olea Europea”.
Olive oil, if consumed as raw, is a natural medicine against free radicals, aging and it helps blood flow, because it is rich in polyphenols.

Vasadonna olive oil results from the respect of a range of essential rules.

  • Harvesting starts with foliage veraison by hand combing or by facilitating equipment and collecting nets, which let aspirate collected olives and those already fallen.
  • Harvesting takes place in October and in the first half of November, so as to guarantee healthy olives that are free of insect bites
  • Olives are collected in ventilated crates and then taken to the press, where they are grinding 24-48 hours after harvesting.
  • Oil is extracted out of olive paste by centrifugation, after accurate kneading, with a temperature lower than 27° in a continuous two-phase mill.
  • It is stored in temperature-controlled stainless steel recipients and by adding azotes.

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