Why do I plant?

Why do I plant?.
This is not a question, but a hope…
To give rise to, to make a plant grow is to give substance to our future.
The more olive trees I plant, the bigger my contribution to make new generations’ lives better is and will be.
To support an olive tree every day is a vocation, and then it is full of passion and energy.
Today our lands have been deprived of love, strangled by business.
Many cultivations have no more energy to create value and they are soon abandoned.
To plant one more tree every day means to fight.
It means to make cultivated land bigger.
It means to create harmony between man and nature, Pope Francis’s message in his last encyclical.
To learn and share the culture of extra virgin olive oil,
to take to tables savour and health first of all.
Quality oil is my bulwark.
My aim is to differentiate production:
Nocellara Messinese,
Nocellara Etnea.
To introduce a new plant means to make my company richer,
to create new blends,
to create new profit,
So as to may plant a new olive tree every day.